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Mark Aplet
I’ve been working with ColdFusion since November 2002. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover ColdFusion, I would have saved myself from the misery of learning PERL. *laughs* being more of a designer than a programmer it was rough!

Currently I’m a web developer/graphic designer for a studio in Sacramento CA. I have been working in the design field since 1998, and web development since about 2000/2001 (not really sure when) As I mentioned above, I started to learn ColdFusion in November of 2002, and I love it!

In addition to my web and graphics hobbies I also enjoy photography and music and server administration. I spend a good deal of time taking photos of worthless objects and scenery so I can populate my stock photography project. http:visual28.com It’s one of my first CF projects. I created all graphics, photos, and code (with the help of EasyCFM of course) My music career is bleak, but I love to play anyway, It’s more of a hobby than anything else. I have been playing with the same group of guys since high school (since about 1994)

Being a server admin is something new for me, I just started working with windows a few months ago. Until then I was Macintosh based only. (give me a break I am a designer) So I set up a server on my home DSL connection and started to learn how other side of the web business worked. So far so good!

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