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Saturday, February 15, 2003
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About Me

I've been around computers ever since I could remember, The first time I toyed around with a computer, I was about 3 years old. I ran my own BBS service in Miami from age 7 to 13 and I found it very interesting. The internet then began to emerge and that's part of the reason I stopped the BBS access. I've been creating web sites for over 6 years. Before then I was building and repairing computers for fun and profit. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 20th, 1978.

I enjoy programming and designing graphics using programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Bryce. I've enjoyed many different types of computer jobs, but web development is my absolute favorite. I enjoy building a web site and seeing it evolve into a full living site. I say living because that's how I look at a site, if you don't nurture it, maintain it, and from time to time re-dress it, it grows cold and eventually dies.

Now that you know a little about me, let me hear from you, you can contact me at:

My Portfolio

- EasyCFM.COM - A tutorials web site that allows users to learn ColdFusion easily! users may also post tutorials on the site!.

- CarWeek.Com - A full service online shop for all your car needs. From searching for users; to online toold for dealers to maintain inventory and integrate with all the large car sites online!

- CFM-Resources.Com - created this company from nothing and built it to an astounding 120,00+ registered members. Provided Free ColdFusion hosting, Paid ColdFusion hosting, ColdFusiontraining, tutorials, resources and much more.

- WebRatings.Org - A full rated directory, this site allows users to list their site, and then we place a rating on it. Similar to TV ratings.

- PabloSoft.Com - My Web Design & Web Development company. Offering 4 page custom-made business web site for just $100.

- DonationsTravel.Com - Now you can choose what organization you want to donate your travel fees to... When you travel; donate!

- FreeColdFusionApplications.Com - Get FREE ColdFusion Applications!

- WynnJobs.Com - This is an application I developed under the RecruitMax name, it is a hiring solution for Steve Wynn to hire 9000 employees for a 3 Billion dollar resort in Las Vegas, Nevada called Wynn Las Vegas.

Achievements and/or awards

Coming Soon!

Blogs I have online for multiple topics:

  • The Movie Critic - This is a blog where I post my thoughts on movies I watched. Kind of like a critic but an honest review... not all into the little weird things the normal critics talk about (case in point.. Someone's haircut in the movie... what is that about?)
  • EasyCFM Moderators Blog - This blog is for all things EasyCFM...tricks, tips and much more!

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